ForenSec, Ltd.
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ForenSec provides the following services:
    All parts of the evidentiary lifecycle:
    Seizure, acquisition, authentication, analysis, investigation, reporting, and testimony for digital evidence.

    For the following market sectors:
    Law Enforcement

    § ForenSec extends assistance to attorneys developing the theory of a case.
    § Providing liason to opposing counsel experts, including deposition assistance.
    § Electronic document discovery request handling.
    § Serving as an independent court-appointed expert.
    § Expert witness testimony in civil and criminal cases.

ForenSec is skilled and equipped to perform work both on-site and in-lab.

ForenSec provides technical consulting on a diversity of legal matters:

    Fraud — Industrial Espionage — Harassment — Data destruction
    Deleted data — Intellectual Property protection — Unauthorized access
    Electronic theft — Inappropriate use — Piracy — Pattern of computer use
    Virus recovery — Hacker intrusion response, investigation, and recovery
    Employee misconduct — Employee Terminations — Identity Theft