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Privacy Statement

ForenSec practices care maintaining the privacy of its web site visitors and clients by making the following privacy commitment:
  • We may provide links to other web sites, but our privacy policy does not extend to links outside the ForenSec web site, so we cannot guarantee your privacy when you visit other sites.
  • We do not seek to obtain information from children, and will remove from our database any such information if it comes to our attention that the data was received from a child.
  • Data collected via email and web site form submission will be used by ForenSec to respond to the submission. ForenSec shall not disclose any personally identifiable data to any third party (we may disclose aggregate non-identifying data such as the number of hits to our web site).
  • Web browser cookies are not used on this web site.
  • Statistical data may be collected regarding the referring web site (so we can see who is sending visitors to our site), the nationality of the visitor's ISP (so we can see from where our visitors arrive), and the visitor's web browser version (so we can make sure the HTML coding is compatible with visitors to our site).
  • Any updates to this privacy policy will be posted to this location.
  • ForenSec may maintain business relationships with other organizations, but client data will only be shared with our partners in the course of providing service requested by the client.
  • Please do not hesitate to use the contact information found on the home page to inquire further about our policies, or bring any concerns to the attention of ForenSec.